Geetanjali Solar Enterprise, popularly known as Geetanjali Solar, has maintained a unique position for itself in the field of renewable energy resources sector by pioneering in solar energy in India. It has been a leader in designing and manufacturing a range of Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal systems for more than two decades. The company has satisfied more than 75,000 beneficiaries in India with its vast range of products.

Mission and Vision : In the era of Global Warming and massive ecological disaster due to excessive usage of natural resources for civilisational purposes, mankind will have to look forth to rely on alternative energy resources which would mean both man and nature will remain in harmony. Natural resources are reducing from the earth at an alarmingly fast rate. Therefore it can be said that alternative energy resources are the need of the day and the future of our industrialised, civilised world. Solar energy is the first and foremost element of alternative energy resources sector. Scientific research says that it is only through utilising the enormous energy of the Sun that we can prevent environmental pollution and ecological disasters caused thereby, while enhancing the rate of industrial and domestic needs for electricity even further. Geetanjali Solar Enterprise offers an all-round and effective solution to our industrial and domestic electricity needs by entirely depending on solar energy. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and technological advances, Geetanjali Solar seeks to create the perfect balance between man and machine in today’s industrialised world.

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