Solar Fancing
Diagram of Fancing

Solar Photovoltaic Module: 12V 37W Peak
Energizer: as per BIS Standard specification 302-2-76
Input Voltage 12 V
Peak Outpot Voltage 8.6Kv Shall be < 10KV
RMS Current 7.9Amps Shall be < 10Amps
Pulse interval 1.3 Sec. Shall be between 1 to 1.5 Sec
Duration impulse 0.9 Sec Shall not be exceed .1 Sec.
Pulse energy Max. 5 Joules
Fence Alarm: 12V
Battery: 12V 75Ah Low maintenance Tubuler Stationary Battery
Moudule Mounting Structure and Battery Box: Ms fully painted
Fence wire: 12 SWG/GI high carbon wire
Tying wire: Type SWG/GI wire 15micron zinc Coated for tying insulatror
Intermediate Post: MS angel