Solar Distillation Plant

  • Geetanjali Solar Still uses sunlight to produce distilled water from brackish water.
  • Still consists of a basin containing the raw water mixed with a special Black Dye. The Black Dye absorbs the sunlight resulting in evaporation of the water. The Black Dye does not evaporate.
  • The pure water vapour condenses on the relatively cooler glass surface and drops on to the "formed" channel. The distilled water is collected in a carbouy through a plastic pipe.
  • Geetanjali Solar Still module can produce up to 2.5 lit. /day. A number of these Stills can be interconnected to cater to large requirements.
  • Geetanjali Solar Stills are sold through a network of Dealers all over the Country.

Note: The distilled water delivered by the Solar System is not pyrogen-free. Not to be used for injections.