Solar Home Light System

GEETANJALI SOLAR is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of solar home appliances. These appliances provide the power supply to those areas where power supply is not available or is available scarcely. It can installed at Office, Bank, Hospitals, Home Libraries, Hostels, Kitchens and any indoor application. We offer these products at affordable prices. Client's can choose from the various designs and colors. Different home appliances like CFL / LED lamps, DC fans and others are manufactured according to the client's requirement. The Standard model generally conforms to MNRE specifications.

Key Features

  • Provides power and lighting to the places where power supply is scarce.
  • 3 (three) days power backup for non-sunny days (Autonomy).
  • Power systems are manufactured to cater suit the needs of individual people and can be custom made as per their specifications and requirements.
  • Also manufacture CFL lamps, DC fans and other appliances as per order.
  • High efficiency electronics.
  • Aesthetically designed portable light.
  • Available in different Models.
  • Safe, efficient and reliable and affordable.
  • Easy to install generally Wall mountable type in design.