Solar Lantern

GEETANJALI SOLAR offers a wide range of portable omni-directional LED and CFL based Solar Lanterns with standard and custom-built versions. The Standard model conforms to MNRE specifications.

Key Features:

  • Aesthetically designed portable light, available in different Models – CFL & LED Based.
  • Eco-friendly, Safe, efficient, reliable and affordable with Minimum Operation & Maintenance cost.
  • 3 days power back up option for non sunny days (Autonomy).
  • Substitute for Kerosene Lantern. Solar Lantern can save kerosene and other fossil fuels.
  • Maximum light coverage.
  • High efficiency electronics.
  • A/C charging / Mobile charging optional.
  • Highly efficient silicon cell based SPV module is used here.
  • LED indications - Battery charging in process, Charging disconnect after Battery Charged. Load disconnect once Battery deep discharge. Sealed Maintenance Free Battery is used.
  • Protections-Battery deep discharge, Battery over charge and Battery/Solar Reverse polarity.