Off-grid Solar Power Plant

GEETANJALI’s stand-alone or off-grid system, uses battery power storage to provide back-up during hours of darkness, power outages or during high demand. Energy control plays a key role when it comes to an off-grid energy supply.

The Power from Solar energy source (a solar array) goes to a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller in the inverter that regulates the charging of the batteries of your battery bank (Tubular +ve plate lead acid or VRLA type). Battery bank voltages are typically 12V, 24V, 48V. Power from the battery goes through the inverter where the DC power is converted to AC power. AC power goes to the main panel and secure load panel which run of the system.

Advanced, integrated inverter/controllers will be the enabling technology to maximize the benefits of residential and commercial solar energy systems, both to the system owners and to the utility distribution network.


  • Sun shines on the solar panels or wind turns wind turbine blades, generating DC electricity.
  • The DC electricity is fed into a regulator which controls the amount of charge.
  • Deep cycle batteries are charged.
  • 12 volt appliances can be run directly off the batteries or the current routed through an inverter which converts it to 240V 50Hz AC electricity; suitable for running standard home appliances.