Box type Solar Cooker

GEETANJALI offer broad assortment of Box Type Solar Cooker for our esteemed customers at very reasonable rates. t is totally pollution free and so no more toxic gases saving on the massive social impact of lung diseases related to inhalation of smoke from such chuallahs. Besides the environmental benefits, the food is more nutritious; and even tastes better, because of the slow cooking. The box type solar cooker is portable, and it uses sunlight to cook food placed in special heat-absorbing food containers.The entire ranges of box type solar cookers we offer are of high quality and known for excellent performance. Furthermore, customers can buy them as per their requirement from the market.

  • Clean Cooking environment - no smoke or gas.
  • 100% retention of food value. Keeps food warm long after the food has been cooked.
  • Simultaneous cooking of 4 dishes in 1.5(One and Half) to (Three) hours’ time.
  • Effective savings of fossil fuels and pollution prevention.
  • Available in one size.

Parabolic Solar Cooker

GEETANJALI’s Parabolic Solar Cooker is best for fast cooking. Solar parabolic cooker dia 1.4 mtr. Designed for commercial and domestic use. Heavy and sturdy construction to with and the heavy wind speed. High quality reflective material. Castor wheel arrangement for easy moving. Capacity 15 people at time. Bottom of the cooker coated with high thermal absorbing coating. Manual tracking. Export quality workmanship. Powder coated support structure attractive look. Its performance is better from simple solar box cooker. Ideal design for any region of the world. Cooking at higher temperature. Attention required. Application: It can be used for backing, boiling, cooking and frying also. This can be used for cooking in domestic as well as industrial canteens, hostels, hotels, restaurants, ashram, dharma shala, orphanage, old age etc. Commercial places

  • Effective savings of high cost or unavailability of commercial fuels – kerosene, coal, gas, electricity.
  • 100% retention of food value. Keeps food warm long after the food has been cooked.
  • Deforestation caused by increasing firewood consumption.
  • Use of dung and agricultural waste as fuels instead of for soil enrichment.
  • Diversion of human resources for fuel gathering.